Dear founders,

We are Pixlie, a small software consultancy team focused on early stage founders/products. We use agile methods to enable founders to rapidly iterate and build products with lots of uncertainty, without any long term financial commitment.

What are we offering you?

A agile software development model to build your early stage product.

Context: Founders want to move fast without long term financial lock-ins. Founders continuously measure & iterate the product. If the sprint does not start, for lack of clarity, there is no financial commitment.

  • Focus on (super) early stage founders/products
  • Projects would work with 1 or 2 week sprints
  • Sprint grooming regularly between me and founders
  • We create Epics (broad product topics), Tasks (small, focused, actionable)
  • Tasks have a negotiated price - mix of business value and technical complexity
  • Sprint planning to start next sprint - this is a commitment on tasks
  • Demo (Sprint Review) will happen at the end of the sprint
  • Founders pay only for tickets deployed to staging server at end of sprint

What would you founders feel about such a model? Would you try it yourself or recommend to someone else?

What is the financial commitment?

Before every sprint, we ask for only EUR 300/USD 370 upfront, which will be deducted from the invoice at the end of the sprint.

Looking forward to meeting you,
Team Pixlie